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About QGMOH Limited

The founder of the firm is a 15 year IT professional with 6 years of renewable energy experience hence was formed QGMOH Limited to provide services for both IT and Renewable Industry.

QGMOH Limited is an IT and energy consulting firm specialising in renewable energy consulting services. QGMOH Limited will offer In- depth policy and technical advice for energy Independence planning, renewable energy project planning and development, energy efficiency improvements and carbon emissions reduction planning. We specialise in UK, Nigerian and Cameroonian law and policy and plan to help in the following areas:

  • Climate Action Strategies for local government and businesses
  • Energy Independence Plans for local governments and businesses, focused renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Designing, building and operating “community- scale” renewable energy projects (up to 20 megawatts) Drafting local, state or federal legislation for renewable energy and energy efficiency policy(feed-In tariffs, renewable portfolio standards, energy efficiency decoupling, etc.)
  • Reducing residential and commercial energy consumption by homeowners and businesses.


Our goal is to provide recognised standards for the implantation of ICT Cloud and Renewable energy solutions. We believe that Africa has so much untapped potential in terms of knowledge and expertise. Now is the time to build on the current infrastructure to show the world how much Nigeria and to a larger extent Africa has to offer.

As with all development we start with the young, at QGMOH we believe that providing students, teachers and parents with access to information is key.